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Ethiopia Bench Maji - Office

What we taste: strawberry, red wine, cacao nib

From Bench Maji in the Gesha district, this coffee is grown by 500 small-scale producers and cherries are brought to a local washing station for processing.

Anaerobic fermentation is a coffee processing method in which coffee cherries are fermented in sealed stainless steel tanks or plastic bags, where fermentation occurs due to the action of micro-organisms that survive in the absence of oxygen. Originally used in winemaking, anaerobic fermentation is characterised by a strong, distinctive flavour and sweetness.


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Roaster's Notes

Process: Anaerobic natural

Region: Gesha Bench Maji

Producer: About 500 smallhold growers

Variety: Heirloom varieties

Elevation: 1700 - 1850 masl

Bean Origins


Coffee bean plant