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Espresso Roast - Office
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Espresso Roast - Office

Big, fat and chocolatey.

Great flavour sits on a knife edge.

The precision of Air Roasting allows us to take this coffee to the very edge of flavour development, while keeping the roast clean and sweet.

This is as big, fat and chocolatey as it gets.





  • Roaster's Notes

    Roasted a little darker than Allpress Espresso Blend, we take the development further to soften the acidity and introduce richer chocolate notes.

  • Bean Origins

    Brazil Rio Brilhante

    Colombia Pescador

    Papua New Guinea Kongo

Allpress Airtight Coffee Canister | Brown

With little and often in mind, the Allpress Airtight Canister holds 300g of fresh beans or ground coffee and is made to keep your coffee fresh for longer.