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Drip Bag (10 packs)
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Drip Bag (10 packs)

Single serve drip bags of our Allpress Blend.

Grab your favourite mug, pour over some hot water and you’ve got a delicious cup of filtered coffee.

These drip bags are great for a quick brew at home, in the office or on the road and come in a pack of 10.



  • Roaster's Notes

    Our Allpress Blend is a perfectly balanced, medium roast coffee. Sweet and complex with a long smooth finish. Brazil brings body, good sweetness and a long, smooth aftertaste. Colombia and Guatemala provide juicy apple acidity, caramel and milk chocolate tones. The wet-hulled Sumatra brings great body, some spice and earthy notes, dark fruit notes and sweetness.

  • Bean Origins

    Brazil Porta do Ceu

    Colombia Pescador

    Guatemala Sierra Encantada

    Sumatra Aceh Atu Lintang

Allpress Airtight Coffee Canister | Brown

With little and often in mind, the Allpress Airtight Canister holds 300g of fresh beans or ground coffee and is made to keep your coffee fresh for longer.