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re-wrap × Allpress Organic Tote Bag
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re-wrap × Allpress Organic Tote Bag

A must-have bag, designed to go wherever you go. Perfect for the market, beach, school, or popping down to your local for a coffee.

Not wanting to settle for anything less than remarkable, we’ve partnered with re-wrap for our latest collaboration. re-wrap is a unique social enterprise, whose purpose is to have the most positive impact on their people and the environment - and they also happen to produce world-class textiles.  Located in Mysore, India, re-wrap uplifts women and helps then gain economic independence by providing them with security, fair wages and a community.

Each re-wrap x Allpress Organic Tote Bag is lovingly handmade with a couple of nifty features:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • A material hook for your keys
  • An interior cup holder that keeps your reusable cup upright, meaning no more dregs of coffee spilled
  • Our signature Allpress Dark Brown - rich and delicious
  • A box-bottom provides structure and room inside your tote

Our re-wrap x Allpress Organic Tote Bag holds a 13" Macbook Pro with plenty of room (W 375mm x H 355mm x D 115mm and a 290mm strap). Please cold hand wash with care. 


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