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Cold Brew Coffee Bag (17g x 5 packs)
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Cold Brew Coffee Bag (17g x 5 packs)

Single serve cold brew coffee bags of our Good Brew.

Simply pour water into a water bottle containing the bag, and you've got a delicious cold brew coffee. These cold brew coffee bags are great for a brew at home or in the office and come in a pack of 5.


  • 17g of coffee bags x 5 packs


[How to Brew ― Cold Brew Coffee]

1. Put filter bag in a water bottle

2. Pur 250g water per one filter bag (17g)

3. Put the water bottle in the refrigerator for about 8 hours to extract

4. Enjoy your coffee with your favorite cup or glass

*Adjust the extraction time to your preference


  • Roaster's Notes

    Roasted lighter than Allpress Espresso Blend, this blend is for those who like their coffee a bit brighter and juicier. A washed Ethiopian brings delicate floral aromas with sparkling acidity and tea-like body.

  • Bean Origins

    Ethiopia Yrigacheffe Dumerso (Washed)

    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Coop (Natural)

    Colombia Pescador

    Tanzania Koronga AB

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